DMG North offers a broad range of Products that can be applied in a range of Markets.

DMG North works closely with all members of the construction and design community. Design engineers, mechanical contractors, controls contractors, owner/developers all come to a project with their unique goals and perspectives. 

How we help get your project built:

Early design – designing custom equipment, selecting commercial equipment, and identifying controls solutions.

Coordination – 2D/3D CAD files, BIM, piping and wiring schematics, SOO development and review

Energy and system modeling – energy consumption and comparisons of systems, CFD analysis can provide 3D visualization of airflow and system performance

Project management – tracking equipment delivery, job walks, technical training for key individuals

Factory startup and commissioning – chillers, air handlers, boilers, lab valves, and VRF systems are commonly started up by our team or assisted by factory personnel

Owner training – facilities staff, end users, controls specialists

Warranty support – phone, email and onsite support for technical issues. Parts and equipment inventory at local warehouses for common items.

DMGN Build
strobic building HVAC installation by DMG North
DMGN gantt chart

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